Gretel (The Potions Dragon)

Chris and Val Chivers

G'reth  (The Wishing Dragon)

Several people have asked me if they can buy a dragon like the ones shown on The Fire Within and Icefire pages of this site.

The good news is, you can - but not for much longer. Sadly, Valerie Chivers, the lady who makes the dragons, is retiring shortly. So if you were thinking of ordering one for Christmas, you need to contact her no later than 30 NOVEMBER 2014.

At the moment, Val is making these three types of 'Pennykettle' dragons. Please bear in mind that all her sculptures are individually made and may not precisely resemble the ones you see in the pictures. However, she will tailor them to your needs to some extent. So if you wanted a Gretel with blue and yellow flowers, for instance, or a small message on Gadzooks' pad I'm sure she would do it. Have a chat or e-mail her.


Or you can call her, Tel: 0116 271 9976

Gadzooks (The Writing Dragon)