• I want to be a writer, will you read my story?

Due to pressure of work, I can't give you feedback on stories any more, I'm afraid. This is very difficult for me because part of what I do is to encourage people to write. But I’m just so, so busy and I have to be very strict. You can find some tips on writing elsewhere on the site.

• Are you going to make a movie of the Last Dragon Chronicles?

I'd love to have movies of The Fire Within etc. Who wouldn’t want to see Gadzooks and co on the big screen? But it's not my decision to make. The movie rights are available, though, and if anything ever happens you'll hear about it in my new Chris d’Lacey blog.

• Will you visit my school?

Yes, if I can. Bear in mind that I live in South Devon (in England, American fans), which is a long way from anywhere – even North Devon! Ask your teacher or school librarian to contact me on this address: dragonmail1@btinternet.com

• If I send you a copy of my book, will you autograph it for me?

This is something I’m often asked, especially as I rarely do public signing sessions. In principle, of course I’d sign a book for you. But sending books back and forth through the post can be very expensive, especially if you don’t live in England. So what I normally suggest is that I send you a signed postcard you can use as a bookmark. That usually does the trick.

• Can I write to you?

Yes, you can contact me at dragonmail1@btinternet.com I’ll do my best to answer your queries as soon as I can.

• Do you believe in dragons?

You mean there are people out there who don’t? I’ve spent the best part of twenty years thinking about dragons and writing about them and talking about them. If you want my complete take on dragon mythology, don’t just read The Last Dragon Chronicles, read The Erth Dragons series and The UNICORNE Files as well. It’s really just one big body of work.

• Are you going to write more dragon books?

Hmm…possibly, but I’ll probably be exploring other projects first. I think I’ve said everything I need to about dragons in the four series I’ve published.

• What happened to your polar bear novel? Can I buy it?

No. You can’t buy it. At least not yet. A small part of the novel appeared in Icefire (the second book of the Chronicles), but the complete manuscript is not in a publishable state right now. I will be looking at it soon, though. Any news will appear in my blog.