• Chris, why have you stopped answering my emails?

Sadly, due to pressure of work, I can't devote as much time to answering emails as I used to. There's a piece in my journal about this. Please have a read of that.

• I want to be a writer, will you read my story?

Again, due to pressure of work I can't give you feedback on stories, I'm afraid. This is very difficult for me because part of what I do is to encourage people to write. But I am just so, so busy and I have to be very strict. If you want tips on writing, click here.

• When will The Fire Eternal be published in America and Canada?

It's out now - better late than never! Sorry for the wait. The schedules are out of my hands.

• Are you going to make a movie of the dragon books?

I'd love to see movies of The Fire Within etc. but it's not my decision to make. All I can tell you is that the books are in the hands of a movie agent who will be approaching the big Hollywood studios soon. If anything happens, you'll hear it here first.

• Will you visit my school?

In principle, yes. I do dozens of school visits every year. Ask your teacher to contact me on this address: dragonbookings@btinternet.com If you're in America reading this, remember I live in England!

• When will The Dragons of Wayward Crescent be published?

The first book, Gruffen, will appear in March 2009 - in the UK. The next three will follow at three-monthly intervals.