Lots of people ask, do I do school visits? Absolutely. I visit schools, libraries, bookshops, festivals, conferences, writers groups, football stadiums (honestly!) the local park! You name it, I do it. To book me for an event, simply mail me with your request and I'll come back to you with availability and fees etc.

Children, please note: you need to speak to your teacher before you can book me! Ask them to contact me, okay?

Teachers, librarians, event organisers etc. this is what I do: Basically, I'm an entertainer. I like to tell the children about my life as an author and the books I write. I'm not particularly fond of hosting workshops, but I will if you twist my arm (ouch). I will happily stand up in front of an audience of 3 or 300. I have been known to wear a pirate outfit, show children an author's pyjamas and I have conclusive proof that dragons exist. What more do you need?

I am also quite at ease talking to adults. If you feed me and pay me, I'll tell you some nice anecdotes.

Recent visits

  Chris and 'Horace'

A recent library visit