This is based on the true story of how I wanted to be in the school production of Peter Pan, but I was too excitable - even for the role of a pirate! So my teacher made me the prompter instead, which meant I had to 'prompt' people if they forgot their lines. I was very good at this and had soon memorised the entire script ... which was fortunate, because two days before the very first show, one of the leading actors fell ill with chicken pox. I was the only person who could take his place. I won't tell you what part I had to play, but if you look at these pictures I think you might guess...

Point of interest: The Prompter is based on a true story. Can you guess who this might be dressed up as Captain Hook...? (Yes, it’s me!) How’s this for a coincidence? On the day I sent the story to my publisher, I was doing a school visit at my old primary school, Willowbrook, in Leicester. I was talking in the hall, from the exact same spot where I’d acted in Peter Pan when I was nine. Weird, eh?

I should be so 'Hooky!'

Like my outfit? Cick on the hook in the photo for more info!

Captain 'Hook' d'Lacey and Erin