The paperback of Fire Star is out NOW, but you can still buy the book in hardback at most bookshops.

I'm pleased to report that publishers in Japan have bought the rights to Fire Star. As soon as I receive their cover design we'll pop it up on the 'Foreign Editions' pages of the site.

I'm also told that the rights to all three dragon books have been sold to Germany.

Thank you to everyone from the USA and Canada who has written to me about the availability of Fire Star. I'm sorry you've been so frustrated at not being able to get a copy of the book. Thankfully, you won't have much longer to wait. This is the latest information I have from my publisher:

The trade hardcover edition of Fire Star will publish in the USA in March 2007. The book clubs and book fairs will be carrying a paperback edition of Fire Star in September 2006. The trade hardcover of Ice Fire was released in May 2006 (and was technically in stores April). Scholastic Ltd. are publishing The Fire Within and Icefire in paperback for trade next spring: The Fire Within will be out in March 2007, and Icefire will be out in July 2007.

Phew! I hope that helps.

Keep reading my Journal to find out more, okay?

Finally, don't forget to try the Fire Star extract - or, if you're feeling brave, the song! (click one of the links below)